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This page has two views of the Summit schedule. The first, the Food Revolution Summit broadcast schedule, gives dates and times for each interview. Click on a speakers’ name to learn more about them and how to listen to their broadcast. The second list lets Google Calendar users bring Summit events directly into their calendar. All times are Eastern Daylight Time (EDT). To convert EDT to another time zone, click here.

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What’s a CSA? | Griggstown Quail Farm and Farm Market

Griggstown Quail Farm & Market is proud to announce the 4th season of our Community Supported Agriculture CSA program designed to offer our valued customers fresh, local, naturally-grown produce at an affordable cost. Participants in the program will enjoy a weekly supply of freshly-harvested vegetables, herbs, and cut flowers when in season.   During weekly visits, shareholders not only receive vegetables at their absolute freshest, they develop a well-rounded understanding of how their food is produced; an experience not available at a supermarket. Furthermore, by supporting a local farm, you will drastically lower your family’s carbon footprint…read more

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Start Your Gardens! Need Plants? Visit Rutgers Gardens at Rutgers Day.

Rutgers Gardens plant sales will be at location 6 on this map:

The Cook/Douglass Campus boasts a mix of high-tech research centers and a lovely natural setting complete with an operational farm. Explore the history of Douglass Residential College for women, and see how it has grown to foster women’s leadership on campus and outside its borders. If eco-programs like plant sales and petting zoos pique your interest, Cook/Douglass is the place to be on Rutgers Day!

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Farmageddon: Small Farms Under Government Scrutiny : The New Yorker


The filmmaker is Kristin Canty, a self-described “mom of four,” who gave up on conventional medicine and instead used raw milk to treat the asthma and allergies suffered by one of her children. In pursuit of less-processed foods, Canty visits farms and gets to know farmers, many of whom complain about intense scrutiny of their practices and products. The “-ageddon” of her title refers to the methods used by regulators to bring small producers into compliance: from armed morning raids (as happened to the owner of Manna Storehouse, a food coöperative in Lorain County, Ohio) to the destruction of a herd of Belgian and Dutch sheep in Vermont suspected of harboring mad-cow disease (despite no evidence of contamination, the film claims) and, finally, the enforcement of a search warrant at Rawesome Foods, a private food club in Venice, California, which I write about in the magazine this week. (Here’s a video of the 2010 action, showing officers, with guns drawn, securing the fruit and veg.) Less regulation is the call to action here. When Canty talks to Joel Salatin, the farmer-writer made famous by Pollan, whose Polyface Farms, in the Shenandoah Valley, “Farmageddon” (like “Food, Inc.” before it) upholds as a model, he descries “non-scalable capricious regulations” and asks why the government hates freedom.

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Vermont: GMO labeling bill OK’d

By a 9-1 vote Friday afternoon, the House Agriculture Committee approved a bill that would require genetically engineered foods to be labeled.
Legislators said the move comes in response to an increasing call for information about the contents of food and wariness about the science of genetic engineering.
For several reasons, however, the controversial labels are far from a reality in Vermont…

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ONTD_Political – 2 articles: Monsanto threatens to sue Vermont if it passes law requiring GMO food to be labelled

“A bill that once appeared destined to pass on the merits of scientific evidence, overwhelming public support, and support of the majority of Vermont’s progressive legislators, now appears doomed – unless Vermont voters succeed in changing the Governor’s mind,” says Will Allen and Ronnie Cummins, in an article on Alternet.

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NJ Film International Film Festival: The First Season

The Rutgers Film Co-op, the New Jersey Media Arts Center, and
the Rutgers University Program in Cinema Studies present the
New Jersey International Film Festival screenings of

The First Season
 Free Food courtesy of Jimmy Johns will be given out at this screening
of the 
New Jersey International Film Festival!!

 The First Season – Rudd Simmons (New York, New York)
The First Season movingly presents the story of a farming family — once the iconic centerpiece of the American experience — fighting to remain viable in the modern world. Paul and Phyllis van Amburg embraced the traditional American values, of honest toil, thrift, and dedication to family, by taking  their life savings and buying a defunct dairy farm. With four children in tow, armed only with their principles and determination, they fight to defy the odds and make a success of their small enterprise. Through an intimate, cinema verite style, The First Season bears witness to the Van Amburghs’ struggle to build their version of the American dream. Their bumpy road to survival is documented in this revealing debut directorial effort by Rudd Simmons, a producer of the hit-TV series Boardwalk Empire.  2012; 83 min. With an in-person appearance by director Rudd Simmons!

Sunday, June 3, 2012 at 7:00 p.m.
Voorhees Hall #105 CAC *Rutgers University

$10=General; $9=Students+Seniors; $8=Film Co-op Friends
Information: (732) 932-8482 or visit

Doctors Learn to Cook Healthy, ‘Crave-able’ Foods –

And seven years ago, Dr. Daniela Connelly, now 40, and her husband, Patrick, bought a farm in Chester, N.H., to feed their five children healthy and reliable food.

She often runs into her patients while selling eggs at the farmers’ market and sometimes when they unknowingly show up at the house to pick up their Field to Fork Farm C.S.A. boxes. They are invariably surprised by how dirty she is.

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