4 thoughts on “Steering Comittee

  1. Hi,

    I am a student employee at the Hamilton College Career Center. We have a lot of students from the New Jersey area, I was wondering if you have any summer internships available??

  2. Hello,
    I am a student at the University of Michigan interested in pursuing a career in public health and nutrition. I will be home for the summer and I was wondering if there are any summer internship/volunteer positions available. Thanks so much!


  3. Hello-

    My name is Jason Schwartz and I am a frequenter to Chef Weaver’s TreBar in Princeton Forrestal Village (to everyone out there reading this, head-on over for great (half-priced wines on Fridays) and excellent small plates (the meatballs are killer!).

    Wanted to touch base with either one of you about an idea I had similar to ‘City Harvest’ but that utilizes leftovers to feed the needy and hungry. Please send an email to my address above so that I can explain it and then you (being in restaurant biz) can provide your 2 cents.

    thank you,


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