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Slow Foods International — Raw Milk

In 2001, Slow Food launched a campaign to protect cheese made from raw milk, gathering over 20,000 signatures in support of the Slow Food Manifesto in Defense of Raw Milk. The manifesto was drawn up to protect the rights of cheesemakers in countries where overzealous hygiene laws forbid or jeopardize the production of raw milk cheese.  Gradually, the success of the campaign is restoring confidence and dignity to cheese producers around the world.

Raw milk avoids the process of pasteurization – essentially the cooking of milk – which kills the potentially harmful microorganisms that proliferate in milk left at unsuitable temperatures or lurk in milk from unhealthy animals. The pasteurization of milk is a consequence of the change in farming methods in the last half century, which led to a poorer quality of life of the animals and therefore an increase in the risk of disease.  But when cheese is made carefully, usually on a small-scale, pasteurization is unnecessary and avoided since it kills the beneficial microflora that contribute to the unique flavor of a cheese. It’s no coincidence that great cheeses such as Parmigiano-Reggiano, Roquefort and Emmenthaler are made from raw milk…Read more

The Bovine
This blog is about rights issues around access to raw milk. Currently we’re following the ongoing saga of Michael Schmidt, Glencolton Farms and the community of cowshare members and cow lovers that has come together around this issue of raw milk access.


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