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Edible Jersey’s “Cooking Fresh-A Cook’s Story”

A COOK’S STORY The pursuit of authentic, local flavors has inspired Jim Weaver’s career as a chef and restaurant owner. Now it’s the focus of his first book.

BY Pat Tanner Photography by Joseph Corrado Long before “locavore” became part of our vocabulary, Jim Weaver led the charge to better food through local and seasonal eating in New Jersey. From helping save the Delaware Bay oyster to cofounding the state’s first Slow Food chapter to supporting farmers and farmers’ more

Specialty Food’s “Sickles Market: From Farm to Table

At this New Jersey specialty food store and nursery, customers get the best of both worlds: premium prepared and packaged foods offered with the sensibility of a family who has farmed the land for generations.

By Denise Shoukas More than a century ago, the Sickles family started selling produce grown on its 200-acre farm to the local community…read more

A Better World Cafe–New Brunswick

Dine with Pat (Tanner)
Edible Jersey Recipes
NJ Spice
Princeton Eats
Slow Food USA

An Agricultural Testament
 –Sir Albert Howard. Download: PDF
Cultivating an Ecological Conscience
--Frederick Kirschenmann
The Dirty Life: On Farming, Food, and Love
 –Kristin Kimball
Ecological Literacy –David Orr
Epitaph for a Peach –by David Mas Masumoto
Food Politics: How the Food Industry Influences Nutrition and Health –by Marion Nestle
Radical Homemakers –Shannon Hayes
Small Farms Are Real Farms –John Ikerd
Small is Beautiful –by EF
The New Organic Grower  –Eliot Coleman
The Town That Food Saved–How One Community Found Vitality in Local Food –Ben Hewitt
The Unsettling of America –by Wendell Berry

American Meat
Economics of Happiness
End of Suburbia

Farmed and Dangerous
Food Inc.
King Corn
The Future of Food
Symphony of the Soil –Debra Coons Garcia


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